Svelte is a modern JavaScript compiler that helps you to write efficient Javascript code with a very simple Syntax. Svelte is not a Framework but a Compiler. The Svelte compiler produces small and highly efficient JavaScript code which runs seamlessly on the browsers. It’s an awesome alternative to JavaScript frameworks like Vue, React or Angular.

What will you learn?

  • Svelte basic Concepts like Conditionals, Loops, Variables, components, etc.
  • Intermediate Concepts like Props, Slot, Animations
  • Node.js Crash Course
  • Svelte with GraphQL
  • How to Achieve SSR(Server Side Rendering) or pre-render your app on a server

What are some of the practical projects you will make?

  • To-do List app with Firebase
  • Full-Fledged Blog with Firebase
  • Node.js, MongoDB and Svelte.js
  • Making a Ecommerce or Shopping Cart Web App with AWS

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