Stepping into college life with loads of enthusiasm and apprehension. Yes, we have all been there. Yet, with just four years in hand and with so much to learn and experience, it gets difficult to focus on the right direction. To guide you and to hear your perspective, Codechef-VIT brings to you ,‘Insight’, an event which will give you more than a glimpse into the world of Computer Science with the highest accuracy on the big words like AI, Big Data, Machine Learning.


What are the super dream companies looking for? What is Digital Footprint? Get your queries answered by the right people. Step into the Competitive World with the right skills and weapons. Join us at TT Gallery1 on the 7th of August from 6 to 8 p.m. sharp. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Like and Follow the Codechef-VIT page for more information.

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This was one of the most popular talks I took at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, where I gave insight on a lot of different domains that young budding minds can get started with, giving a brief glimpse into each one of those domains from both an industrial as well as enthusiast perspective.


This was a 3 hour session which was attended by more that 300 students, who were very interested in the content as well as engaging and open to questions and answers.