There are over 1.35 million startups in the world with only one-fifth of them being able to make a mark. What makes a startup successful? What makes it unique? Will I succeed ? These are some questions that arise before venturing into the world of startups.

With the tough competition in this race to success, the entrance of COVID-19 has ravaged the economy and changed the whole scenario. The startup market has been hit very hard by the pandemic. Nasscom has said that, “Survival of Indian startup ecosystem is at stake due to the crisis.” With all this confusion and debacle, we have some founders of rapidly growing startups and how they’re coping up with this situation.

This webinar discusses the pandemic and post pandemic world and how these founders have taken this situation to their advantage with thought provoking and mind enlightening ideas.

This talk was hosted by me, along with Ananya Ganesh under Developer Student Clubs VIT. We had personalities like:

  • Ashwini Purohit, the founder of Winuall, which is trusted by over 500 institutes across the country with over 1,00,000+ students going live every day.
  • Abhitej Singh, the co-founder of Cosmos India, which runs the goal of establishing an ecosystem of the new face of blockchain in India to the world.
  • Shashank, the founder of Bitaces, which provides cybersecurity solutions for Blockchain & Crypto products.

and we discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected startups. This talk gained a lot of popularity in the startup community.

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