Productivity is measured not just in terms of how fast you can get a task done, but how efficiently can you take it to completion.

Vim is a text editor focused at keeping you away from the mouse. I started using vim a while back. Here is a reference to my experience with vim.

No matter how much you “think” you know vim, it always has a tendency to surprise you. That is why I decided to do a series called Vim to the rescue, where I take some day-to-day text editing / programming redundancy problems that can be solved using vim. This series is not meant to get you started with vim, but to give you an idea of how powerful vim can be and how it can be used to solve very practical problems.

To start off with, here is a link to my dotfiles. The following repository contains my vim configuration and some of the awesome plugins that I use. I am sure this repo will help you, one way or the other :)

{% github L04DB4L4NC3R/DEC %}

Now if you do want to get started with vim, the following are some resources which I used:

Let me know some of the problems you might have faced in the past and how vim made it easy.